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artist statement

Hello out there, my name is Georgette and painting and animals are my passion. I finally put it all together one day when I started painting my cat-Arrow.  His personality really came through on the canvas -inspiring me to continue painting.  Last year, I lost my beloved dogs, one in July and one in April.  Kabuki was 15 and Allegra was 10.  They were so special to me and I felt such a void.  I immediately began painting their portraits and put them on the walls of my home.  Everytime I walk by the paintings, I feel the same love I felt from them when they were alive.  I know my pets are irreplaceable, but their portraits really make me feel as if they are still here. I know they are in spirit. If you would like me to paint your animals, send a photo to my website and I will send you a quote.

I also paint landscapes-this is an oil of my hometown park.